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Too Good to Go at Farmhouse Kitchen

The tastiest way to tackle food waste

What is Too Good to Go?

We're proud to work with Too Good to Go to tackle food waste at Farmhouse Kitchen. But what exactly is Too Good to Go? Well, in short, it means businesses can sell Surprise Bags full of extra or unsold food at the end of the day.

It's good for us, because it helps us make sure more of the food we cook is getting eaten. It's good for you, because you get delicious food. And it's good for the planet, because it helps reduce the amount of food being thrown away. Everybody wins!

To Go Area

How does Too Good to Go work?

Just download the Too Good to Go app and sign yourself up. From there, you'll be able to browse local restaurants or shops that offer Surprise Bags, place an order and choose when you'd like to collect yours. Then, all that's left to do is pick it up from our collection point, take it home and tuck in – it's even tastier knowing you're helping the planet.

What's in a Surprise Bag?

We call them Surprise Bags because we can never guarantee exactly what's going to be in each one. You might be able to choose a Cafe Surprise Bag, for example. But you won't know until you pick it up whether you've got a bag full of cake or a mix of pastries – we think that's part of the fun!

What do you mean by food waste?

By food waste, we mean food that may otherwise have been thrown away. It's all just as delicious as if you'd eaten it in our restaurant.

It's as simple as...



Install the Too Good to Go app and get yourself signed up



Search for Farmhouse Kitchen and see what's up for grabs today

Dish up

Dish up

Place your order, collect your Surprise Bag, and get stuck in!